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We are a community of Visual Artists and organizations. We connect artists together with galleries, museums and arts organizations and place member's artwork before the eyes of thousands of art collectors. View the 1 and 3 Web pages of Portfolio and Premium members.

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Florida Grown Awards

"Florida Grown"exhibit was a great success!

The 1st Thursdays even Florida Grown, at the Orlando Museum of Art was the place to be on April 4 from 6-9 pm. Due to the strategic alliance I have developed with the museum, only artists who are members of were permitted to participate in April's 1st Thursdays event. 55 member artists displayed 100 original works of art for one night only. "This is the best 1st Thursdays event I have ever seen" said one patron to a museum staff member in my presence. 

We have a large group which includes some of Florida's most talented and well established artists. This allows us to be selective in our choices of artwork to display, and lends itself to curating an exhibition of only high quality artwork.

Best in Show went to Cheryl BogdanowitschHonorable Mention went to Nicolas Gheur. and People’s Choice was by Julia Bakowski. And my 5 year old granddaughter's favorite was by Vickie Wilson. She liked the colors.

Welcome to! Artists Present Portfolios of Artwork. Original paintings and sculpture, ceramics and giclee prints make a unique gift or a valued addition to your collection. We are connecting artists, art galleries, museums and organizations with art collectors and enthusiasts.

Member benefits include personal control over your information. You can update your listing information whenever you need to. Portfolio and Premium members can change the artwork on their pages as often as they like.

Artist's portfolios feature beautiful artwork from emerging and established artists. Artists may display portfolios of artwork on FloridaArtists

How does it work? gives our members the ability to log into your account and edit your information right through your Web browser. Change your address or update your artwork as frequently as you like and see the changes instantly! Ideal image size is 72 dpi jpg images at 500 pixels. Don't worry if you don't want to do it yourself. We will help, just call or e-mail us.

What are the benefits? All members now have personal control and instant gratification. When you fill out our membership form, your listing is created immediately. Portfolio and Premium members can upload images immediately and change them as often as you like. A One or three page portfolio gives you your own Web address on our site and you get a top ranking in search engines because we get a top ranking. This provides a great opportunity for your artwork to be seen and enjoyed.

To become a member, sign up on our Membership page. Include the art media you work in to be found in searches.

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Our Web site provides portfolios of artwork along with listings of artists, galleries, museums and art organizations. A message board features upcoming events and discussions about art and artists. And we provide a weekly email newsletter of current events and member activities.

Featured Artist of the Week
Olivia Braida-Chiusano

Portfolio Member

“My watercolor techniques are inspired by Gerard van Spaëndonck and the French Court tradition. They include layering of glazes and washes of mostly transparent watercolors. All of the detail is created with the paint brush. All images are hand-drawn from actual subjects. Images are not taken from and are not traced from photographs. I believe that botanical art represents the ascent of man and custom, of knowledge and thirst for knowledge. Its evolution parallels the human spirit and its quest for self-knowledge. In nature, plants by their proximity to various cultures have acquired their own meanings. As I strive for realism to achieve actualization, each one of my works takes on both appearance and message. The inspiration for the quest is by grace, the outcome a gift, and the process is gratitude. The finished work reverberates with a multitude of strokes - each in memory of my beloved. I hope you will enjoy my conversations with God.” - O.M. Braida

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To unite the visual arts
through a virtual community.

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