Cheryl Bogdanowitsch

Sculpture Sculpture Sculpture Sculpture
Man Piling Stones
12.5" x 13" x 7"
Wood, Stones
Wild Fires
63" x 56" x 25"
Wood, ceramic
83" x 56" x 15"
Sister Fire
34" x 29" x 19"
Wood, ceramic
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Florida Artists Registry

Branches, logs and limbs, roots and pieces of driftwood inspire my work. These pieces of oak, cypress, crepe myrtle or camphor wood I find in my Florida environment. I find them in the form of tree trimmings or limbs blown down in storms. Driftwood and gifts of unusual pieces are also used.

I combine my different logs and limbs to create a figure. Then the head must be formed and fired from ceramic clay or wood and epoxy. When the piece is refined into one unit I am ready to paint it in artist's oils. My previous experience as a painter makes this an enjoyable task, as is the whole creation of my figures.

Cheryl Bogdanowitsch

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