Cheryl Bogdanowitsch

Sculpture Sculpture Sculpture Sculpture
42" x 17" x 11"
Wood, celluclay
Virgo's Wind
24" x 11" x 20"
Wood, ceramic
Tree Spirit
100" x 57" x 21"
Water Lily Spirit
24" x 24" x 20"
Wood, celluclay
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Florida Artists Registry

Human souls are dark places - for within them lie our most damaging fears and our deepest secrets. A subtle eeriness emanates from Bogdanowitsch's Siblings, a piece that is as visceral as it is symbolic: blunt-cut branches painted the purply-pink of human organs protrude from a trunk that bears two heads with dark, unreadable mouths. Symbolically, the "family tree" reference here is obvious, given the name of the piece, but what of those strange eyes and mouths poised to speak?

Perhaps the dual nature of the thing represents the good and evil in everyone's souls, the open mouths giving voice to what some people call conscience and others call monster. And the blackened-out eyes imply an ability to see deeper and truer than physical sight, like the blind witches of Greek and Shakespearian tragedy. Let's just hope they don't see right through to our secrets.

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